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How To Win A Grand League In Fantasy Cricket? Fantasy sports
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 19 Jul, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 19 Jul, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 19 Jul, 2021

How To Win A Grand League In Fantasy Cricket?

So I am here again, and this time with a very interesting topic which is one of the most common questions asked by fantasy sports lovers.

When you first hear the words, “Grand League,” it fascinates you and makes you believe that you are the chosen one and those crores displayed as 1st prize are yours but wait, let’s delve deep into this and understand some basics about Grand leagues. For a layman, who is new to the field of fantasy sports, let me help you understand what a Grand League/Mega League is.

A sports enthusiast in his journey of becoming a fantasy player comes across various fantasy applications/sites such as Dream11/Gamezy among others where he/she plays various contests. A Grand League or a Mega League is a League where the winning amount is the ighest that you can win in a single contest and you can enter that contest with multiple teams, important thing to keep in mind is that even the competition is higher, which has been explained below

Here, are the critical points that you need to keep in mind:

1) Decide which match you want to play. You should not just play a random match.

Playing a Grand League in an IPL match may be less profitable ( being an Indian League and viewers are well about players as mostly all the teams have International players playing) than playing Grand League in a Women’s Match or a Domestic T20 League like Tamil Nadu Premier League where there are players whose names are not even heard off but are worth taking a risk at

 2 ) Try to play contests with lesser members, because you aren’t getting any prizes to defeat more teams. So, for example you have two Grand Leagues in the Match you want to play.

  • 1st Grand League-Entry Fee- ₹49, 1st Prize- ₹2 Lakh, Total Teams- 1,00,000
  • 2nd Grand League- Entry Fee- ₹249, 1st Prize- ₹50,000 , Total Teams- 4000

So, although the 1st Prize and the entry fee in the 1st Grand League looks better, defeating 3999 teams is easier than defeating 99,999 teams. So, in order to increase the probability of your winnings and reduce the, try playing the 2nd League. Yes, the entry fees are more but the return you could see over a period of time will be much better, provided you play systematically and consistently than ₹49 league.

We at FantasyArena have been grinding day in day out for collecting as much data as possible regarding players and their performances. So, either you do your own research which takes hours of concentration, or leave the research to us at FantasyArena and use your to finalise crucial differential picks.

3) Making Virat Kohli the captain everytime India plays will not help you win the Grand League because everyone knows him and his calibre but making Rishab Pant Captain in your fantasy teams may be risky but if he starts playing his A-game, you will hardly have any challenge left from the opponent side.  

Analyse the pitch, weather forecast, head to head and venue records to see if you could find a pattern on certain specific players. Note it and try taking calculated risks.

 4 ) Lastly, just like the famous quote by the popular Share Market Web series “Risk hai to Ishq hai,” it applies aptly to Grand Leagues.

Check players with more than 80-85% selection percentage and evaluate their last match performances, venue performance, head to head, player battle and see if he has a weakness somewhere and evaluate his probability to perform. There are safe players in every team. Replace him with a differential pick (Less Selection%, Risky) and be consistent.

Take risky decisions on key players and see the results. After the recent points changes, a bowler can be a worthy Grand League Captain choice too. Keep your options varied and logical.

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 5 ) Diversify the tournaments you invest in to various apps which are honest, transparent, and have a decent presence. Playing only during the Indian Premier League (IPL) won’t help you win. Apps like Gamezy, Fantasy Akhada, Balle Baazi, Playerzpot are rising rapidly in the fantasy sports market. Also, simultaneously try your luck on Grand Leagues on other platforms.

 6 )Team Combo- Keeping 7-8 players constant and rotating other 3 and even rotating Captain/Vice-captain can be the ideal way of team formation.

 7 ) Last but not the least, identify a winning side (from the 2 playing) as per your analysis and then form your 6-7 teams as per the venue, head to head, practice match records, and more. For other 4-5 teams, switch the scenario and make opposite teams which invariably also suggests that you make multiple teams at least 11 if you are serious about winning the Grand League and cover all aspects.

I hope this article helped you, I could have written pages after pages on this but will await your feedback. Do share it in the comments below so that it helps me to understand the mindset and the topic you need an article on.

Keep hustling #GLTFAMILY and follow @FantasyArena Telegram and YouTube channel for detailed logical analysis of fantasy cricket. Don’t forget to follow me @mayankglt on Instagram.

About the Interviewee: Mayank is a Fantasy Sports lover. He is an engineer by profession and a YouTuber by choice. He has completed BTech in Food Technology and also holds an MBA in Operations. He also has an Android App named FantasyArena, check it out.

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