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IPC 60K Main Event
Donna Amo
Posted on 22 May, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 22 May, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 22 May, 2022

Harshit Leaves ME In 12th

The high-octane action at the 60K Main Event continues and we have our 12th bust out in Harshit Jalan. At Level 23, Jalan bet 65,000 with Q T and is raised to 210,000 by Siddhanth Kripalani who has pocket jacks. The raise is called by Jalan and the flop opened to 4 Q 9 and Jalan who flopped a queen-pair went all-in for 635,000. Kripalani had a flush draw and called Jalan’s all-in. The turn completed Kripalani’s flush and the river did not help Jalan. With this, Kripalani takes out Jalan who busted in 12th place for ₹3,62,700.

  • Kripalani: J J
  • Jalan: Q T
  • Board: 4 Q 9 2 6


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