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Gutshot Poker Dictionary - Scare Card Poker
Jonathan Pereira
Posted on 03 Oct, 2020
By Jonathan Pereira
On 03 Oct, 2020
By Jonathan Pereira
On 03 Oct, 2020

Gutshot Poker Dictionary – Scare Card

Playing cards have become an inseparable part of society, especially in India. They have found a way into every aspect of Indian life. One such game that has evolved and dominated the cards realm is poker. Widely accepted by people across the globe, poker is now recognised as a skilled sport. Today we come with a new word to help you amp up your poker vocabulary. Want to learn more about poker and poker terms, check out our poker term library

Scare Card

In the game of poker, a scare card is a card that could easily turn a player’s best hand into the worst hand. Think of it like this, if a card that could have easily hit your opponent and given them the best hand, despite you almost certainly having had the best hand earlier in the hand.

It is also described as a dangerous turn or river card in a flop that can scare the player who has been betting. The turn or river card has the capacity to completely change the complexion of the board and can make the player question his/her hand whether the hand still holds a good hand rank. Sometimes, if the scare card is dangerous enough, it will cause the player who has been betting to check instead. If you want to know more details on poker hand ranks, click here.

Gutshot Poker Dictionary - Scare Card

Example 1

  • Your hand – A-A
  • Flop – Qc 9d 4c

Let’s say you have pocket aces and you raise pre-flop raise before the flop and get called. . The flop is revealed and your opponent calls your continuation bet, then the turn brings the 8c. That turn card is a scare card for you as it could complete either an open-ended straight draw or a flush draw for your opponent.

Example 2

  • Your hand – Kd Kc
  • Flop – kh 9c 10c

Like the earlier example, you raise pre-flop. The button calls and everyone else folds. You hit top set post flop, you check and so does the opponent. The turn brings in 2h and another round of bets as you still have a good hand. Then the river brings Qc, the scare card. Now if your opponent has any jack or a couple of Clubs in his hand, you will probably lose the round. The Qc is the very definition of a scare card.

It is just one out of hundreds of poker terms already available, so if you are a beginner and looking forward to diving deep into the sport, keep an eye on GutshotMagazine.com

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