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TOP 3 Online Games You MUST Play With Friends Gaming

TOP 3 Online Games You MUST PLAY With Friends

by Donna Amo Posted on 10 Dec, 2020

Are you missing your friends more than usual? Being stuck at home for an extended period of time is a sure way to drive yourself absolutely insane, especially when you don’t have your squad over. But no worries, as we’ve got you covered. Beat the distance between you and your pals this December with these extremely fun online games.

1. Skribbl.io

TOP 3 Online Games You MUST Play With Friends

Similar to Pictionary, the rules of Skribbl.io are simple and easy, just draw and guess. Each person gets a turn to choose between three words that they will have to draw for the others who need to guess it by writing the answers in a chat box. Points are given on the basis of how fast you can guess the correct word. The website allows users the option of creating their own private rooms and avatars. This addictive game is sure to get you and your friends out of boredom zone.

2. The Wiki Game

TOP 3 Online Games You MUST Play With Friends

We all know Wikipedia has tons of information about topics ranging from the north pole to the south. But did you know that it’s also a game? Yup, in the Wiki Game you get two articles, you start with one and the goal is to get to the other by clicking the hyperlinks within the articles. Play this game with your friends and see who can get there first. You can build your knowledge and have a great time with this surprisingly fun adventurous game through the wiki rabbit hole.

3. Higher Lower GameĀ 

TOP 3 Online Games You MUST Play With Friends

Not exactly a group game but interesting and enjoyable nevertheless. The Higher Lower Game is based on guesses. You will be presented with two options, in which one has the average count of google searches it gets written below it. Further, you need to guess whether the other has a lower or higher number of searches compared to it. Guess it right and you get a point and move on to the next round. Invite your friends to play and compare your scores to see who is a better guesser. Sounds great right?

These are the top three out of the many captivating online games that are available on the internet for free. So, what are you waiting for? Try your hand at one of these online games and get your buddies out of the quarantine daze.

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