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FTS 3.0: Chandan Nails Head Hunter For 5,65,762 Plus Bounties Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 19 Sep, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 19 Sep, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 19 Sep, 2021

FTS 3.0: Chandan Nails Head Hunter For 5,65,762 Plus Bounties

What a day this has been for poker fans! The festivities extended to the online poker felts of the Final Table Series (FTS) 3.0. It was an absolute banger of a final table (FT)! The fireworks had everyone at the edge of their seats. The FT started off with eight players chasing one another at this bounty tournament for the ultimate ₹40 Lakh guarantee. If you missed the intense action, we’re here to give you a quick recap. 

Leading the FT with the highest stack was online pro Sahil Chutani aka ‘$lim$hady19’ sitting atop the rest with 11,29,183 chips. However, the second chip leader at the start of the FT Chandan Arora aka ‘Flow Like Water’ was stubborn and didn’t give up that easily. It was a swingy heads-up session where the lead exchanged sides a few times and eventually, Arora bagged the title for a prize of ₹5,65,762, with additional prizes for bounties captured through the tournament.

Chandan Arora

Chandan Arora


The first player to bid adieu at the FT was M Balakrishnan aka ‘LACHANCE.’ It was not very surprising to see Balakrishnan leave first since he started off with the lowest stack of 377,007 chips. The player finished eighth for ₹69,817. He also secured four bounties worth ₹21,875.

Ankit Wadhawan

Ankit Wadhawan

Online reg Ankit Wadhawan aka ‘Shippament’ who had the third-lowest stack at the start of the FT couldn’t sustain long to ladder up. He finished at the seventh spot for ₹95,497, claiming four bounties along the way worth ₹30,937.

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Mithun Mahesh

Next in line was another online reg, Mithun Mahesh aka ‘Zima Blue.’ It was surprising to see Mahesh run out of chips so soon since he started with the third-highest stack. He departed at the sixth place for ₹1,30,807. Mahesh also scored two bounties worth ₹5,000.

Vikranth Varma

Vikranth Varma

The next player to exhaust his stack was ‘borntrouble.’ It’s safe to say ‘borntrouble’ did create some trouble at the FT by starting off with the second-lowest stack and still surviving until the fifth spot. He cashed a fair ₹1,72,270 in prize money while gaining an impressive five bounties worth ₹24,687.

Mohit Gupta aka ’monuguru’ put up a decent gameplay. Gupta, who resumed the FT today with the fourth-largest stack, departed at the same spot. He pocketed ₹2,17,745 from his fourth-place finish. Additionally, he took home ₹49,531 by securing four bounties.

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Ramji Kishore Gundupalli aka ‘Bluffpolice123’ was next to leave the table at the third place for ₹2,68,570. Gundupalli, who started off with the fifth highest stack played impressively well to survive till the third place. On his way he also secured four bounties for ₹67,265.

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Sahil Chutani

In the heads-up between Chutani and Arora, Chutani had to settle for the runner-up spot for ₹3,80,920. He also secured a massive 11 bounties for ₹1,08,437. But it was Chandan Arora, who gloriously lifted the title for ₹5,65,762, making his way from the second chip lead position at the start of the final table. He also cashed a massive ₹2,46,953 from 11 bounties.

FTS 3.0 Head Hunter Final Table Payouts:

  1. Chandan Arora aka ‘Flow Like River’ – ₹5,65,762 (₹2,46,953 bounty)
  2. Sahil Chutani aka ‘$lim$hady19’ – ₹3,80,920 (₹1,08,437 bounty)
  3. Ramji Kishore Gundupalli aka ‘Bluffpolice123’ – ₹2,68,570 (₹67,265) bounty
  4. Mohit Gupta aka ’monuguru’ – ₹2,17,745 (₹49,513 bounty)
  5. ‘borntrouble’ – ₹1,72,270 (₹24,628 bounty)
  6. Mithun Mahesh aka ‘Zima Blue’ – ₹1,30,807 (₹5,000 bounty)
  7. Ankit Wadhawan aka ‘Shippament’ – ₹95,497 (₹30,937 bounty)
  8. M Balakrishnan aka ‘LACHANCE’ – ₹69,817 (₹21,875 bounty)

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