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Friday Roundup: Rubin Labroo takes down TGIF on Spartan Poker
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 04 Jan, 2020
By Gutshot Editorial
On 04 Jan, 2020
By Gutshot Editorial
On 04 Jan, 2020

Friday Roundup: Rubin Labroo takes down TGIF on Spartan

The weekend is here, and the poker players are all geared to grab the title of the highest guarantee tournaments. The new year has definitely added spice to these featured tournaments taking place across the leading platforms in the country. Besides, the 4-day online festival, Baazi Poker Tour Online (BPTO) is underway on PokerBaazi that hosted the biggest guarantee tournament yesterday night. And here is a complete summary of Friday majors…


Spartan Poker hosts two major tournaments on Friday night, and one of them being TGIF INR 10 Lakhs GTD which lured a massive number of 793 entries for a buy-in of INR 1.650. Undoubtedly, the event turned out to be successful as the guarantee was surpassed to create a higher prize pool of INR 11.89 Lakhs. Dominating this field was a prominent face in the circuit Rubin Labroo aka ‘kornkid’ who eliminated ‘Junior-KK’ in heads-up to add another title to his already crowded poker cabinet.

  • Total Entries – 793
  • Prize Pool – INR 11,89,500
  • Places Paid – 71
  • Min-Cash – INR 4,520

Other notable players to finish in the money include Vishal Marwaha aka ‘Bhai9’ (4th), Raghav Bansal aka ‘thatssosick’ (5th), Gaurav Sood aka ‘mozzie17’ (8th), Abhishek Gubba aka ‘messi010010’ (11th), Lakshpal Singh aka ‘LuckyBhai$’ (29th), Suraj Rathi aka ‘OmgRATHIII’ (46th), Naren Purohit aka ‘IMUNAGI’ (71st) and so on.

The Elite

Another flagship tournament hosted on Spartan Poker was The Elite INR 25 Lakhs GTD whose guarantee was seen to be crushed, creating a bigger prize pool of INR 29 Lakhs and a share of which was later taken away by the top finishers. However, bagging the first-place prize money was an anonymous player ‘Shrek9999’ who was announced the official winner after the players settled for a 3-way deal. Ashish Ahuja aka ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ finished in the second place and Avadh Shah aka ‘cateyes’ in the third position.

  • Total Entries – 291
  • Prize Pool – INR 29,10,000
  • Places Paid – 31
  • Min-Cash – INR 25,608

The top players who received a paycheck include Hitesh Batra aka ‘hitesh bhai’ (4th), Arsh Grover aka ‘BigggTymeR’ (5th), Gaurav Sood aka ‘mozzie17’ (14th), Sanat Mehrotra aka ‘mehro2511’ (15th), Rajat Sharma aka ‘Garammasala’ (16th), Pranay Chawla aka ‘MajhiSatakali’ (22nd), Arjanveer Chadha aka ‘bazzingaa’ (24th), Rubin Labroo aka ‘kornkid’ (29th) and others.

BPTO Highroller

By now, every active player in the country knows that Baazi Poker Tour Online (BPTO) is underway on PokerBaazi, hosting a 4-day series that kicked off on 2nd January. The biggest tournament BPTO Highroller assured INR 50 Lakhs! And the top 6 players will take their seats on the final table that will resume in Goa on 6th January at 6 pm. However, it is Devang Yadav aka ‘laila’ who will be leading the table followed by Shagun Jain aka ‘sogani22’ (2nd), Chirag Bhardwaj aka ‘Olandir’ (3rd), Ashish Ahuja aka ‘rocky3705’ (4th), Raghav Bansal aka ‘thatssosick’ (5th) and Sanat Mehrotra aka ‘mehro2511’ (6th).

  • Total Entries – 192
  • Prize Pool – INR 50,00,000
  • Places Paid – 24
  • Min-Cash – INR 48,000

A total of 192 players entered for a buy-in of INR 27,500 and the top 24 places received a paycheck including Gaurav Sood aka ‘gaug17’ (8th), Pranav Khandalkar ‘pranavpoker’ (9th), Jayjit Ray aka ‘england’ (10th), Rubin Labroo aka ‘kornkid’ (10th), Nadeem Basha aka ‘SpadeHunter’ (16th), Vaibhav Sharma aka ‘WakhraSwagNi’ (23rd) and others.


PokerStars hosted a bounty tournament Uppercut INR 10 Lakhs GTD last night at 7:30 sharp. After 7+ intense hours of grinding and firing two bullets was an online crusher Dhinesh Kumar aka ‘you3betl4bet’ who pocketed INR 93,049 along with the bounties! With his standout performance, he beat Rubin Labroo aka ‘kornkid’ in heads-up. The anonymous runner-up managed to walk about with INR 67,049.

  • Total Entries – 245
  • Prize Pool – INR 10,00,000
  • Places Paid – 47
  • Min-Cash – INR 3,426

Sharad Rao aka ‘sordykrd’ (9th), Rajat Sharma aka ‘sharabikebabi’ (11th), Akshay Nasa aka ‘youcantcallme’ (20th), Ashish Ahuja aka ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ (24th), Shagun Jain aka ‘Sogani22’ (27th), Anuj Yadav aka ‘brockLesnar95’ (33rd), Harsh Dembla aka ‘kakori kabab’ (36th), Hitesh Batra aka ‘hiteshbhai999’ (37th) were among the few notable players to finish in the money.

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