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Five rare card games to play this Lockdown Gaming
Nitya Jain
Posted on 18 May, 2020
By Nitya Jain
On 18 May, 2020
By Nitya Jain
On 18 May, 2020

Five rare card games to play this lockdown

With the casinos around the world reopening their doors, it is still advisable to stay safe at home. You must be aware by now that poker is the most popular card game on the planet and the reason being that there is such a brilliant variety of games. If you are tired of playing Texas Hold’em and same old poker variations, we have listed five card games which you want to try out the next time with your loved ones for a little competition and you might as well make money! These games are packed with surprises while some of them are also offered in casinos and online poker room. So keep reading to challenge your friends and make the most of the time!

  1. Spit in the Ocean

Five rare card games to play this lockdown

When you step into the world of poker, Texas Hold’em might be the first thing you learn. Well, that goes without saying. Variants like PLO, Omaha and so on have become quite mainstream so, this lockdown, when you have plenty of time in hand why not try Spit in the Ocean?!

This is a casual draw poker game with many variations. A total of 2-10 players can take their seats, each one is dealt 4 cards face-down. There’s a betting round which is followed by the chance to discard two cards and replace with equal number of cards drawn from the top of the deck. The game also includes the 5th card which called ‘Spit Card’. You can quickly turn this card into a wild card! After this round of betting, there is a showdown. Each player uses the card in the center along with the 4 cards in his/her hand. This is how the best hand wins the pot.

  1. Badugi

Five rare card games to play this lockdown

A relatively newer form of poker whose origin dates back to 1980s. Bagudi also known as ‘Badougi’ or ‘padooki’ is available in select online poker rooms and home games. Due to its hand rankings, it takes a bit of getting used to the rules. Firstly, 4 cards are used in hand rankings unlike the traditional 5 cards. Secondly, suits play a key role in this game.

The betting structure is similar to the standard poker but, unlike traditional poker which involves a minimum of 5 cards, one must only have 4 cards in Badugi. The game starts with small and big blinds put forward by the players seated left of the button. The first betting round begins after call, fold, or raise the first player, still in the pot, left of the dealer will discard any number of cards and receive an equal number of replacement card and so will the rest of the players. The first draw is followed by another betting round. Players are free to check until someone bets. If any player remains in the hand after the final betting round, they reach the showdown and the one with the lowest hand wins!

  1. Razz

This is one of the oldest forms of poker and has been played since the 20th century. While you may be fond of straight and flush draws which do not count against the player for low and the ace always plays low in Razz. And the best possible Razz hand is 5-4-3-2-A also known as ‘the wheel’ or ‘the bicycle’.

Razz is most frequently included in mixed games such as HORSE as the ‘R’ in the game’s name. Each player is initially dealt 3 cards, two hidden hole cards and one face-up. The player with the highest exposed card is the ‘bring-in’ and is forced to start the action. After the betting round, the remaining players are then dealt another face-up card. The player with the lowest (strongest) combination of exposed cards is first to act. Eventually, for the ultimate street, each player receives one last card face-down, at which point they can determine their lowest 5-card hand. After a final betting round, the player with the lowest hand wins.

  1. GUTS

 Five rare card games to play this lockdown

This game doesn’t last long as the pot grows quickly. The longer the game lasts, the bigger the pots get, and it requires more courage to continue the game. The game starts by putting the antes and cards are dealt to each player who decide whether to continue the game by looking at their cards. Eventually, the one with the highest hand wins the pot.

In order to continue, the player with the lowest hand has to match the pot. It goes on until a single player has enough guts to declare himself in.

  1. Black Maria

 Five rare card games to play this lockdown

Popular in the United Kingdom, Black Maria is a variation of Hearts also known as ‘Black Widow’. Most of us have played this game on our PC as a kid. For those of you who do not know, the trick is to avoid winning with Hearts or the Queen of Spades. The name ‘Black Maria’ is derived from the nickname given to the Queen of Spades. The game is best suited for 3 players, but may be played by four, five or even six.

Deal and play are clockwise, and the deal proceeds to the left.

  • For 3 each player will receive 17 cards.
  • 4 players will receive 13 cards each.
  • 5 players will receive 10 cards each.
  • 6 players, 8 cards each, and 7 players, 7 cards each.

The penalty cards score as follows:

  • Each heart taken – 1 point
  • ♠A – 10 points
  • ♠K – 7 points
  • ♠Q (Black Maria) – 13 points

The eventual winner is the player with the lowest score!

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