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Posted on 24 Aug, 2019
By Gutshot Admin
On 24 Aug, 2019
By Gutshot Admin
On 24 Aug, 2019

Five more winners crowned on SVS Day 6

Spartan Value Series (SVS) is one of the latest offerings on Spartan Poker and so far, 6 successful days of this tournament have come to an end. Again, five tournaments were scheduled through the day with the same concept of allowing small-stakes players to build a bankroll in these high-value tournaments. Keep reading this article for our complete roundup of SVS Day 6…

SVS Event #26 INR 25k GTD

The first tournament of the day was a PKO one with a buy-in of INR 220. A field of 107 players joined the tournament and the prizes went to the top 15 of them, each receiving a min-cash of INR 450. As for the winner, it turned out to be ‘anku’ who outlasted the field and emerged INR 6,387 richer after beating ‘Mayaksh’ in heads-up, the latter winning INR 4,400 for second place. It was AT vs K3 in the final hand and anku hit an Ace on the flop which was enough to declare him as the winner.

SVS Event #27 INR 80k GTD

Once again, we had a PKO re-entry tournament, but this time there were bigger prizes on offer with a higher buy-in of INR 660 as well. Once again, it was a smaller field of 99 players and as the money bubble burst, the top 13 players received prizes, each a minimum of INR 1,640. There can only be one winner and last evening, it was ‘neeru786’ who topped the field and bagged the top prize of INR 21,000. He beat ‘Aikido’ in heads-up, a player who has been extremely consistent in this series so far. Here, he bagged INR 14,720 for finishing second.

SVS Event #28 INR 55k GTD

With a buy-in of INR 410, this tournament saw the biggest field of the day so far with 109 players joining by the end of the registration period and eventually, the top 17 of them shared the prize pool with a min-cash of INR 863. ‘ashu402’ was the last man standing in this knockout tournament, bagging the top prize of INR 13,838, which is a decent prize for a player starting out in poker. In heads-up, he shoved on the turn with a flush draw and was lucky to complete the A-high flush on the river, beating ‘dashingtarun’ who had to settle for the runner-up prize of INR 9,350.

SVS Event #29 Prime Time Event 1.5 Lakh GTD

The prime-time slot tournament had a buy-in of INR 770 and a field of 100 players joined, with the prize pool being distributed among the top 15 of them, each getting a min-cash of INR 2,700. ‘Aikido’ missed a title on a couple of occasions in this series but this time, he succeeded in winning a title on Spartan Poker, beating ‘brahmos999’ in heads-up and earning INR 38,325 for this effort. brahmos999 hit a pair of Kings on the turn and shoved, only to get a call from Aikido who had already completed a 9-K straight; the runner-up received a pay-check of INR 26,400.

SVS Event #30 Hi-Fi INR 3 Lakh GTD

The Hi-Fi never fails to disappoint on Spartan Poker and once again, this PKO edition Hi-Fi attracted 160 players and the guarantee was passed slightly, with each entry paying INR 1,400 to enter the tournament. The spoils were shared by the top 27 spots with a min-cash of INR 2,781 but the biggest cash of the night went to ‘Mr.Meursau1T’ who earned INR 67,980 for this victory. He beat ‘Jai Bajarangbali’ in heads-up and the latter took away INR 26,4000 for finishing second to best.

With this, the day ended on Spartan and we have a couple of days left in the inaugural edition of the Spartan Value Series (SVS). Keep watching GutshotMagazine.com for all updates on the same.

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