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What Upgrades Are Fantasy Sports Operators Looking At In 2021?

by Donna Amo Posted on 16 Feb, 2021

Fantasy sports is a rising vertical in the online gaming sector with millions of users across India. Dream11, one of the top fantasy sports platforms, has over 9 crore users which is expected to grow even more in the coming years. With people spending more time indoors, many of them have turned to online gaming.

While the fantasy sports industry has submitted its request to establish a regulatory body in India, it has continued to attract many users into its fold. The industry is a promising one and if given a chance, could also benefit the country’s economy greatly. This new year let’s take a look at what 2021 has in store for the fantasy sports market.

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Upgrade In User Security

Customer security is paramount when it comes to real money games like fantasy sports. Security infrastructure on these platforms can see a huge upgrade in 2021. Credential stuffing attacks, leaderboard manipulation, bots, and socket hijacks are some of the issues that these platforms are looking to eliminate.

In-App Advertisements

Advertising on fantasy sports apps is a great way to generate revenue for brands. Fantasy sports mobile applications are a prime spot for brand marketers due to the large user base. Currently, the revenue streams in fantasy sports include the pay-to-play model and platforms fees, etc.

Head of product and strategy of MyTeam11, Nitish Bugalia said that marketers have been targeting fantasy sports for some time especially during the Indian Premier League (IPL) season. Session time on fantasy sports apps is almost as long as the time spent on OTT apps. The only challenge with ads on these platforms is that it could hinder user experience.

However, other advertising opportunities like sponsors, in-app purchases and even private contests are considered to be better alternatives than those in-app ads which pester users. But monetization is not a major concern for fantasy sports platforms as it is already a real money game. Due to which the focus for these platforms mainly rests on providing a seamless customer experience that is not hindered by advertisements.

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