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Top 4 games to win money on AIO Games Fantasy sports

Top 4 Games to Win Money on AIO Games

by Gutshot Editorial Posted on 19 May, 2022

Modern-day games are moving from being the essence of “time wastes,” and AIO Games has taken it to the next level. Players from all over the world can access different games of skills on their application. What makes this a wonderful opportunity is that not only can players compete, but they can earn simultaneously. This makes it perfect for everyone to spend their time playing the games available on the application, and there are some popular ones with which everyone will be able to associate.

AIO Games has a wide array of games on their applications that are freely accessible. The best fact about the games is their emphasis on skill rather than random luck. This allows the best players to stand apart, and they can win different rewards to make it worth their time. As for the games, there could be nothing more popular than the present ones.

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AIO Games offers some amazing games where players can play and win real cash

The recent trend has shifted the emphasis on games that allow gamers to win valuable prizes for their investment. On the AIO Games app, players will find some popular titles in which they can compete for real cash prizes. Moreover, all the prizes are completely legal as per the Supreme Court of India, and there is more than one type to draw the players’ interest.

Fantasy Cricket

With cricket being considered a religion in the country, AIO Games allows players to showcase their knowledge and expertise. Players can select an eleven for a match based on certain given conditions.
Once the team is selected, they can enroll in contests of different pools as great rewards await them if they can manage to win. The overall conditions on the playing XI ensure that each player will have to select carefully and not make skewed teams in a single department.

Call Break

Many card lovers regard the game of Call Break as something easy to play but hard to master. Originally known as Spades, the Call Break variant on AIO Games offers players to enter contests for as low as Re. 1. The objective is quite simple and requires players to analyze their hands properly. Based on the cards they have received; they have to predict the number of hands they think will win. Once that’s done, players must show their skills to win the declared amount or face penalties.


A game that originates from ancient India, Ludo has evolved in nature and rewards. Players can play against each other as they test their luck to pursue different rewards. It’s not just luck for decisions like which way to proceed and how to counter an opponent. The game provides the perfect past time sport for players of all ages.


Considered by many to be a game of pure luck, Poker involves high levels of player skills. The prime focus lies in analyzing one’s own hands and judging how valuable it is. Then, players have to check the cards disclosed and try to form a pattern out of five cards. The game can be played between 2 to 6 players, and winners can get some terrific rewards if they can outwit their opponents.
This isn’t all, as more games can be found on the AIO Games app. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up & Download AIO Games app now & Get Rs.100 Welcome Bonus to play your favorite games. 

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