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'Exit the Matrix' wins LBS Main Event Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 30 Jul, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 30 Jul, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 30 Jul, 2018

‘Exit the Matrix’ wins LBS Main Event

Yesterday was the final day of the Little Big Series (LBS) on The Spartan Poker. The specialty of this series is that it lets you turn small investments into big wins; a series for those who may not have a bankroll to register to the various high-stakes tournaments taking place across the country.

6 LBS tournaments were played, and the highlight of this final day was Little Big Series #15 ME The Bomb INR 10 Lac GTD (RE), which was shipped by ‘Exit the Matrix’, who took home a prize of nearly INR 2 lakh.

Let’s take a deeper look at the tournaments that took place yesterday:

Little Big Series #13 INR 20K GTD (55 R+A)

It was a noon start and the buy-in to this tournament was extremely economical – INR 55. A total of 428 entries registered to the tournament and this led to the guarantee being beaten and a total of 20 players were paid out a minimum cash of INR 287. ‘iamboss786’ was the player who outlasted these entries and took home the biggest prize of INR 5,136 for beating ‘Zak Jungio’ in heads-up.

Little Big Series #14 INR 40K GTD (165 RE)

The next LBS tournament of the day began at 2pm IST and 323 entries led to the guarantee being beaten once again, with a new prize pool of INR 48,450 being created. The top 27 players were paid out a minimum cash of INR 485 and the player who took away the biggest prize was ‘jpoker’ who took home a pay-check of INR 10,732. He hit a full house in the final hand, beating ‘Megamindd71’ in heads-up.

Little Big Series #15 ME The Bomb INR 10 Lac GTD (RE)

The Main Event kicked off at 4:30pm IST and the tournament had a buy-in of INR 990. A total of 867 entries registered to this tournament and the top 79 players were paid out a minimum of INR 3,400. The biggest prize went to ‘Exit the Matrix’, who took home INR 1,91,900, beating ‘TheInternetKid’ in heads-up; the latter won INR 1,20,400 for the runners-up prize.

Coming into the final hand, Exit the Matrix had nearly a 2:1 chip lead and both players hit two pairs – tens and nines as the flop opened Ts 9s 9d. They went all-in post flop and the other two cards opened 6d 2h, giving Exit the Matrix the pot – Tens and Nines with a higher kicker (queen).

Gutshot had a word with the winner after the tournament. He said, “I probably re-entered at least 5 times during the end of late registration. I think it’s important to build a stack during the re-entry period as players are more willing to take risks pre and post flop. The final table was a rollercoaster and my stack fluctuated a fair amount as the field dwindled. I made a few timely bluffs but also got caught making a couple. It was a fun 3-handed battle in the end and I was lucky enough to run good in the right spots. Looking forward to the month ahead.”

Little Big Series #16 INR 70K GTD (330 RE)

This was a 6pm IST kick-off and most who didn’t make good runs at the Main Event would’ve registered to this tournament. The event saw 179 entries and the top 17 were paid out a minimum cash prize of INR 1,099. ‘-RKP-‘ won the tournament and INR 17,612 after having beaten ‘Luckyguy’ in the final hand.

Little Big Series #17 INR 50K GTD (220 R+A)

Neeraj Kumar aka ‘Luckyguy’ was multi-tabling and after finishing runners-up in the previous tournament, he shipped this tournament, beating ‘Aniljoy’ in heads-up and taking home INR 13,125 for first-place. These two deep runs from Luckyguy led him to topping the July LBS Leaderboard as well, where he won a prize of INR 50k plus tickets to next month’s Millionaire and 2.oK. tournaments on The Spartan Poker.

'Exit the Matrix' wins LBS Main Event_2

“During college times, my friends suggested me to play poker. I started with playing freeroll tournaments and small grinds but after that, I got guidance from my friends to go for big ones and how to play big tourneys. The LBS leaderboard competition was good and also nervy. But yes, at last I topped. I’m happy now. I’m giving all my efforts and time to play  poker and I hope for something big in the future,” said Kumar about his introduction to the game, the LBS competition and his future in poker.

Little Big Series #18 INR 1 Lac GTD

This 9pm IST start was the final tournament of the series and this KO tournament attracted 127 entries which allowed the top 27 players to be paid out a minimum prize of INR 1,000. ‘ace_bob’ shipped this tournament and won the first-place prize of INR 22,150, after beating ’99ayka99′ in heads-up.

Here’s a look at the updated LBS Leaderboard:

'Exit the Matrix' wins LBS Main Event_3

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