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EPT Paris 2023 - Main Event Live Updates Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 26 Feb, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 26 Feb, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 26 Feb, 2023

EPT Paris 2023 – Main Event Live Updates

EPT Paris 2023 ME Day 6

EPT Paris 2023 ME: Final Table Payouts

1 Razvan Belea Romania € 1,170,000
2 Peter Jorgne Sweden € 780,100
3 Fabrice Bigot France € 535,850
4 Brian Delaney United Kingdom € 412,200
5 Henri Kasper Estonia € 317,050
6 Konstantin Held Germany € 244,000
7 Denzel Spekman Netherlands € 187,650
8 Johan Schultz-Pedersen Denmark € 144,300
9 Mehdi Chaoui Morocco € 111,000

Razvan Belea is the first EPT Paris Main Event winner!

The Romanian player Razvan Belea took the largest piece of the magnificent €7,708,800 prize pool of the EPT Paris 2023 ME. The new crowned ME winner will take home a pay cheque of €1,170,000. This ME was the sixth largest in PokerStars EPT history. Belea rose up from a player pool of 1,606 entries to become the ultimate EPT Paris 2023 ME champ.   

Razvan Belea

Razvan Belea

Peter Jorgne finishes in the 2nd position (€780,100)

Peter Jorgne is the runner-up at the EPT Paris 2023 ME for a payday of €780,100. The prestigious ME title goes to Razvan Belea along with the heay-duty prize money of €1,170,000.

At Level 35, blinds 200K/400K, big blind ante 400K, Razvan Belea (7 6 ) raised to 800,000 and his heads-up rival Peter Jorgne (T 6 ) spent some time thinking about his move.  Jorgne made the call. The flop brought Ts 5s 3c which means Jorgne had top pair and Belea had a gutshot. Jorgne checks and then his opponent bets 600,000 to which Jorgne responds with a check-raise of 1,500,000.

Belea makes the call and spikes 4 on the turn which means he now has a straight. Jorgne throws 2,600,000 into the pot which makes Belea use two time banks. But the Romanian raises the bet to 5,600,000 and Jorgne followed his rivals footsteps to use the time bank. Jorgne matches the bet with 9,325,000 behind.

The river presents 4 which sees the Swedish player move all-in. Belea enquired about the exact sum. He said, “I don’t think I can fold this one.” Belea made the call and a few seconds later Jorgne said, “Congratulations.” 

  • Peter Jorgne: T 6
  • Razvan Belea: 7 6
  • Board: T 5 3 4 4

Peter Jorgne

Peter Jorgne

Heads-up play begins!

The EPT Paris 2023 ME battle has Peter Jorgne locking horns with Razvan Belea. The heads-up rivals will slog hard for the coveted ME title and an impressive top prize of €1,170,000.

Fabrice Bigot takes the 3rd spot

Fabrice Bigot (A Qc ) raised to 1,425,000 from the button with 75,000 left with him. Peter Jorgne from the small blind position folded and Razvan Belea (7 5 ) enquired about the exact bet amount. Thought for a bit and then threw in chips without saying a word. Both players revealed their cards and it was time for a showdown. The board of K K 6 8 9 gave Belea a straight but for Bigot it was game over in the third spot for a prize money of €535,850.

  • Fabrice Bigot: A Q
  • Razvan Belea: 7 5
  • Board: K K 6 8 9

Brian Delaney exits in the 4th spot

From the button, Brian Delaney (A K ) raised to 425,000 and Razvan Belea (K Q ) was seen shuffling his chips and making use of the time bank. The Romanian who had qualified via an online PokerStars qualifier to the ME, went all-in. Delaney did not waste any time and quickly made the call with a risk for 3,900,000. The community cards fell Q T 6 8 8 . This gave Belea Q-pair and a que to his rival that it was time to head towards the exit door. The fourth place finisher took home €412,200.

  • Brian Delaney: A K
  • Razvan Belea: K Q
  • Board: Q T 6 8 8

Henri Kasper is out in 5th

The final five players in the EPT Paris 2023 ME resumed play on Day 6. At Level 31, with blinds at 100K/150K, 150K big blind ante, short stacked Henri Kasper (A 6 ) jammed 1,450,000 from the cutoff position and Peter Jorgne (A K ) reshoved from the small blind position. The dealer fanned out a flop of K 8 2 . Jasper reportedly joked about having a live flush draw. But that wasn’t the case in reality and turn of 4 did not bring any good news for Kasper. The river of 7 6

  • Jorgne: A K
  • Board: K 8 2 4 7
  • WATCH: Henri Kasper’s bust out hand

    EPT Paris 2023 ME Day 5

    Day 5 of the EPT 2023 ME ended with Razvan Belea leading the final five players ahead of Day 6. The front runner at the end of Day 5  has 16,125,000 chips at his disposal to fight for the top prize. Peter Jorgne took the second spot in the list of final five players in the ME.

    Razvan Belea

    Day 5 chip lead Razvan Belea

    EPT Paris 2023 Main Event: Final Table Seat Draw

    1 Fabrice Bigot France 9,625,000 64
    2 Henri Kasper Estonia 1,725,000 12
    3 Brian Delaney United Kingdom 10,425,000 70
    4 Peter Jorgne Sweden 10,775,000 72
    5 Razvan Belea Romania 16,125,000 108

    Recent eliminations

    6 Konstantin Held Germany € 244,000
    7 Denzel Spekman Netherlands € 187,650
    8 Johan Schultz-Pedersen Denmark € 144,300
    9 Mehdi Chaoui Morocco € 111,000

    With seven players left in the race to grab the coveted Main Event title at the European Poker Tour (EPT) 2023, the battle is only getting fiery and nerve-wrecking. The much-awaited EPT 2023 ME had an impressive player field of 1,606 and the final prize pool generated stands at €7,708,800. With two starting flights, only seven players now remain from the start of Day 5 number i.e. 15. The average stack in play in the ME was 6,882,857. One of the final seven players will take home the prestigious EPT 20233 ME title and a hefty pay cheque of €1,170,000. Check out the final seven players.

    1 Fabrice Bigot France 6,160,000 51
    2 Konstantin Held Germany 5,260,000 44
    3 Henri Kasper Estonia 1,710,000 14
    4 Brian Delaney United Kingdom 5,835,000 49
    5 Peter Jorgne Sweden 13,845,000 115
    8 Denzel Spekman Netherlands 4,090,000 34
    9 Razvan Belea Romania 11,380,000 95

    EPT Paris 2023 ME Day 4

    Day 4 started with 47 survivors trying to grab a spot in the list of players who make Day 5. The end of day chip leader was Romanian player Razvan Belea. With 7,285,000 chips in hand (121BB), Belea is ready to lock horns with his rivals in the ultimate ME battle.

    EPT Paris 2023 ME Day 3

    Day 3 of the EPT Paris 2023 ME saw Konstantin Held become the chip lead after play concluded. The day had 174 surviving entries fighting hard to progress ahead. But only 47 will advance further into Day 4. The German player who’s leading the pack of survivors at the end of Day 3 will resume the game on Day 4 with 2,935,000 chips (147 BB) in his kitty.

    EPT Paris 2023 ME Day 2

    Day 2 of the EPT Paris 2023 Main Event ended with Ukraine’s Rostyslav Sabishchenko leading the pack with 900,000 chips at his disposal. This turned out to be the biggest EPT Main Event in history, with the largest entry field of 1,606 entries and a prize pool of €7,708,000. Out of the total 585 survivors who made it to Day 2, 174 advanced to Day 3 and assured themselves a sum of €10,650. UK’s Harry Lodge, with 845,000 chips and Sweden’s Niklas Astedt with 812,000 chips progress with the second and third highest stacks respectively. 

    EPT Paris 2023 ME Day 1B

    The last and final flight of the EPT Paris 2023 Main Event recorded 909 entries, which brought the total field to 1,570 entries. The final prize pool was recorded at €7,612,800. The top 329 players advanced to Day 2 with Netherlands’ Teun Mulder was leading Day 1B with 347,000 chips. At second place was Israel Oshri Lahmani had 301,000. Poland’s Marcin Jaworski Poland advanced with 275,000 chips in third place. 

    EPT Paris 2023 ME Day 1 A

    The first flight of EPT Paris, Day 1A generated 661 entries, out of which the top 221 players advanced to Day 2. Spain’s Omar Gonzalez ended Day 1a with the highest stack of 317,000 chips. His fellow countryman Gerard Carbo progressed with the second-highest stack of 302,000 chips. Czech Republic’s Patrik Jaros bagged 260,000 chips in third place. Players like PokerStars Ambassadors Jen Shahade, Parker Talbot, Ramon Colillas, Andre Akkari, Rafael Moraes, Lex Veldhuis, and Alejandro Lococo were also grinding on Day 1A however couldn’t progress to Day 2. 

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    Welcome to the live updates page of the European Poker Tour (EPT) Paris 2023. The much-awaited series kick-started on 15th February and will run till 26th February 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile. The live poker series which is massively popular among the top pros added two new stops to its yearly schedule. EPT added Cyprus and Paris to its list and is expected to see an impressive turnout of players. The EPT schedule for 2023 kicked off with EPT Paris, and will be followed by EPT Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Cyprus, and finally, Prague. 

    Coming back to the EPT Paris 2023, the schedule is combined with French Poker Series (FPS) to form a power-packed list which includes 39 tournaments. The combined schedule also includes satellites with buy-ins ranging from €550 to €50,000. 

    The highly anticipated EPT Paris 2023 Main Event (ME) will be in motion from 20th February and the final day of the ME will be hosted 26th February 2023. The EPT ME comes with a buy-in of €5,300. There are two starting flights to the EPT Paris 2023 ME namely, Day 1A and Day 2. The starting stack will be 30,000 chips and the register will close on 22nd February at 2:20 PM. Gutshot Magazine will be covering all the live updates from EPT Paris 2023 Main Event, so stay tuned for all the action, drama and more.

    Image Credit: Danny Maxwell and Manuel Kovsca/Pokernews

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