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Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 22 May, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 22 May, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 22 May, 2022

Deepankur Makes A Sick Call

Deepankur Gupta

When you can tell a bluff played by a well-known grinder, people will call you brilliant. A sick call was made by Deepankur Gupta against Siddhanth Kripalani’s bluff who had K J . Gupta had A K and raised to 68,000 when Kripalani opened with 23,000 preflop and the football lover called. On the flop (2 5 4 ), Gupta threw 43,000 and his rival called. On the turn (6 ), Kripalani bet 56,000 and his opponent matched with a possible flush and straight draw. River opened with 9 and Kripalani shoved all his chips into the pot and Gupta called with 138,000 and with what exactly? Ace-high! And Kripalani? Well, with KJ, it was a well intended (for him) bluff. Gupta sailed through safely with his high card and Kripalani lost a good amount of chips to his rival.  

  • Kripalani: K J
  • Gupta: A K
  • Board: 2 5 4 6 9


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