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Donna Amo
Posted on 12 Nov, 2020
By Donna Amo
On 12 Nov, 2020
By Donna Amo
On 12 Nov, 2020

Dark Knight or Bluff Knight?

If this Diwali couldn’t get any better, Pocket52 is here with their #BluffWaliDiwali to make it happen! With five rounds to play, players are promised amazing rewards at each round. The Bluff Knight is the first freeroll with winnings worth INR 50,000! Sign up now at Pocket52, and participate in the freerolls for FREE! On this round we have DC’s very own dark knight pitted against his arch nemesis Joker and other infamous villains. Who will be crowned the winner of Pocket52’s Bluff Knight round of their Diwali freeroll?

Taking their seat at the table we have Gotham City’s very own vigilante Batman (in his alter ego: Bruce Wayne), his arch nemesis the Joker, the puzzle loving Riddler, plant enthusiast Poison Ivy, and the feisty Cat-Woman.

Bruce Wayne may be a picture of sophistication but like his secret identity you never know what he’s hiding. Poker just might be his guilty pleasure and will occasionally let his darker side slip when he can’t resist a good game of bluff. The Joker on the other side of the table is unpredictable. Known for his unhinged nature, he’s often difficult to get a sane reading out of.

The Riddler is intelligent, puzzles and riddles are his thing, and there’s no doubt that his abilities will be his strength in this game of poker. You don’t want to underestimate Poison Ivy, with a mean look and a will to win, she’s prepared for any lethal moves. Last but not least, Cat-woman’s sly nature and cunning mind will be her edge over the others in this intense round.

The poker table is set, with the dealer button on Cat-woman, the game begins. The order of the table is below with each person’s hand:

  1. Cat-woman – A♠Q
  2. Joker – 7♠7♣
  3. Riddler – 8♣J
  4. Batman (Bruce Wayne) – 98
  5. Poison Ivy – J♣ 6

Everyone calls on the first round and the flop opens:

Flop – 7J♠7

With the stakes high and everyone on a mission to win big, who do you think has the best chance to bag the prize pool in Pocket52’s Bluff Knight round? Post your answers on our Facebook page and keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more upcoming contests on the rest of Pocket52’s #BluffWaliDiwali rounds!

Pocket52- Dark Knight or Bluff Knight?

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