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Could AI Curb Addictive Gambling? Gambling
Donna Amo
Posted on 30 Mar, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 30 Mar, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 30 Mar, 2021

Could AI Curb Addictive Gambling?

In India, gambling addiction is one of the biggest topics of discussion. Over the years there have been various cases of people falling into debts and even committing suicide due to uncontrolled gambling habits. Many feel there has to be proper regulation with respect to gambling.

To tackle this problem, operators of gambling sites have taken the initiative to keep addiction at bay. By setting up self-regulatory bodies, these operators keep themselves, their competitors, and their users in check. Any unusual activity in accounts that indicate signs of addiction are promptly suspended and a warning is issued to the user. To make this process even more effective and seamless, AI technology is also being used.

Living in a technologically advanced world, it only makes sense that the next step is to have Artificial Intelligence or AI in place to avoid unfortunate incidents. Many companies around the world have already started using AI technology to help them in their business. Amazon can track what people want to buy while Google uses AI to rank searches. Just in 2017, an AI robot built by Liberatus Carnegie Mellon University managed to defeat three professional poker players in a No-Limit Hold’em tournament that lasted 20 days.

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While this may not seem like much, the implications for this kind of technology are huge. AI eliminates human error and will be able to process huge amounts of data that are impossible to do manually. Taking the burden off the operators should while making the process smoother for everyone. Predictions by the AI could also assist in reading player behaviour better and can help in recognizing early danger signs. It should be noted that while the technology is out there, only authorized models may be used by operators.

The legal status of online gambling currently sits in a grey zone. With no clear definition or laws set in place, the industry is struggling to find a footing in the country. With technology leading the way, one hopes to negate addictive behaviour in gamblers across the globe.

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