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Did You Know Chris Eubank Jr. Hit A Royal Flush Against Phil Hellmuth?  Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 21 Jan, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 21 Jan, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 21 Jan, 2022

Did You Know Chris Eubank Jr. Hit A Royal Flush Against Phil Hellmuth? 

Phil Hellmuth is a poker legend. Locking horns with Hellmuth in a poker game is a special moment in itself. But you know what’s more special? Getting your first royal flush while grinding alongside the poker pro! That’s exactly what happened with Chris Eubank Jr., 888poker’s newest brand ambassador. Eubank Jr. joined Hellmuth in a private cash game wherein he lived this opportune moment. Yes, getting a royal flush while playing alongside a poker maestro is indeed extraordinary!

Eubank Jr. is a former two-time super-middleweight World Champion boxer who bumped into Hellmuth while he was in Las Vegas. He was playing at the $1/$2 No-Limit Hold’em in Ivey’s Room at the ARIA Resorts and Casino. “I’d never thought about sitting down with a lot of money, I was just playing for fun! So, I played there for a few hours, and I left and was on my way to the club,” Eubank said.

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This was when Eubank Jr. spotted Hellmuth. “But as I was walking out, I saw Phil Hellmuth walking back towards the poker room. I’d just started reading his book, but I’m not the type of guy to just walk up to them and ask for a picture, so it was just something I thought was cool,” Eubank Jr. told Poker News. 

However, Eubank Jr. couldn’t contain himself and eventually approached Hellmuth in the end. “I just said hello and told him to keep doing his thing. He asked me who I was, and I told him, and he said he liked boxing. We took a picture, and he asked me what I was doing. I told him I was going to go to the club, but he invited me to a private game in Ivey’s Room,” narrated Eubank.

Hellmuth told Eubank Jr., “You’ll love it, don’t worry about it,” and convinced him to play in Phil Ivey’s private room. The British boxer further said, “So, I sat down in Ivey’s Room with Steve Aoki and this drunk strip club owner. And I didn’t have the cash on me to buy in — these guys are buying in for $15-20,000. So, this guy just threw me a $5,000 chip.”

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With this, the game progressed and Eubank Jr. eventually went on to win $11,000. “I played the game and actually did really well. I made my first royal flush, and that was my introduction to high-stakes poker,” added the British middleweight title holder. When it comes to Hellmuth, Eubank Jr. said, “He’s a really cool guy. I was praying he would have a blow-up during the game, and he did so I’ve got videos of that.” The professional boxer also said that they still talk and are in a WhatsApp group where they discuss poker and sports betting.

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