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Category: Poker-Dictionary

Poker Dictionary - After-Hours Game Poker-Dictionary

18 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – After-Hours Game

While multi-table tournaments (MTTs) are a favourite among poker players, there are times when there’s nothing better than sitting down with some close friends for a game of poker. Not only is it fun to play with friends, but these private games are also less stressful. These games are ...

Poker Dictionary – Advantage Player Poker-Dictionary

12 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Advantage Player

There are poker players of different kinds. Some are recreational players while some are professionals. However, if a player knows the game well and is ready to utilise any advantage that he/she can get, then that player can be called an advantageous player. Let us learn a bit more abou...

Poker Dictionary – Add-on Poker-Dictionary

11 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Add-on

There are different types of poker tournaments hosted with some having features like re-buys and add-ons. In this article, we’ll be looking at the poker term ‘add-on’ which is used in poker tournaments. It is interesting to learn what these terms mean and how understanding them can affe...

Poker Dictionary - Dead Collection Blind Poker-Dictionary

27 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Dead Collection Blind

The poker industry has several terms and phrases that are used on an everyday basis. Such unique terms make it difficult for laymen to understand what is being spoken about. If you are one among those who want to learn all the fancy terms that people from the poker industry use, then yo...

Poker Dictionary - Dead Card Poker-Dictionary

27 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Dead Card

Dead or alive? If you thought this was applicable only for human beings then you’re wrong as it applies for cards also. Several cards can be used for playing in a deck, but there is one card that dealers will never deal to you. Yes, it’s the dead card.  What is a dead card? A [&he...


26 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Implied Odds

Poker players are well known for using jargon that is not common knowledge. Among the hundreds of terms used every day, ‘implied-odds’ are directly related to your bankroll. Today, we will look at the poker term ‘implied odds.’  What are implied odds? Implied odds are the amount of mone...

Poker Dictionary – House Rules Poker-Dictionary

25 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – House Rules

Every poker room has its own specific set of poker rules referred to as ‘house rules.’ Poker rooms usually print their rules and hang them near the entrance or have it on their website for the players to read. Why are these house rules needed? House rules are needed because every poker ...

Poker Dictionary - Darth Vader Poker-Dictionary

11 Nov, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Darth Vader

Poker terms can be easy and quick to grasp, especially when the explanation is as simple as the term we are talking about today. This time let’s talk about ‘Darth-Vader.’ At first, this term reminds us of something related to the classic Star Wars movies. In poker, poc...

Poker Dictionary – Dark Bet Poker-Dictionary

25 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Dark Bet

Poker players flock to online sites every day, and poker is gaining solid ground in India. People belonging to this industry use a particular set of terms to describe steps in the game and more. In the latest Poker Dictionary article, we will shed light on the term called Dark Bet. In P...

Poker Dictionary - Face Card Poker-Dictionary

19 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Face Card

If you have been familiar with poker or had any encounter with the game, you must have realised that the game of poke has several terms and jargon that are not only new but also interesting to know. In our poker dictionary series, we look forward to sharing with you some interesting ter...

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