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Category: Poker Learning

Poker Dictionary - California Games Poker Learning

13 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – California Games

The poker term for the day is ‘California Games.’ What does that mean? Is it a game played only in California or does the game have to do with more than just the name? Keep reading! California Games is a set of Asian games, some of which resemble games of poker. In this part...

Poker Dictionary - Acey Deucey Poker Learning

13 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Acey Deucey

Poker players usually have to learn and get themselves acquainted with the jargons used while grinding. With or without their knowledge each of them ends up becoming a true blue logophile. We’re helping you get acquainted with more quirky and fun terms, in order to become one of the clo...

Poker Dictionary - Early-Position Poker Learning

12 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Early-Position

Poker is an interesting game, and so are the technicalities and details of the game. The deeper you dive into the game, the more there is to learn about the game. But before you dive deeper, it’s essential that you are well versed with the basic terms and jargon used in the world of pok...

Pocket52 Poker Learning

11 Oct, 2021 How To Contact Pocket52?

Pocket52 is one of India’s premier cryptographically secure poker platforms. With so many poker rooms and poker tournaments taking place, you  thousands of real-life players from all across India. Pocket52 is compatible with all devices, including smartphones and tablets. It allows play...

Stick Pool Poker Poker Learning

11 Oct, 2021 How To Withdraw Money From Stick Pool Poker?

Stick Pool Poker is one of the most fun and exciting platforms to play poker.  It has unique features that boost your gaming experience while also allowing you to make money. It offers a variety of games like Live Poker, 3D Poker, Pool, and CallBreak game where you may pick a table and ...

Pocket52 Poker Learning

10 Oct, 2021 How To Withdraw On Pocket52?

Pocket52 has become one of the most favorite poker platforms of poker enthusiasts. This poker brand has been excelling in providing lucrative rewards and bonuses. It is an easy to use interface with a seamless service.  It also offers a thrilling and exciting platform to poker lovers. T...

Poker Dictionary - Eagles Poker Learning

08 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Eagles

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of poker, or you’ve been playing the game for a while now, the game of poker makes sure you have something new to learn every day. Poker terms and jargons seem endless and there’s always a term you’ve never heard before.  Today, we will talk...

Poker Dictionary - Hole Cards Poker Learning

05 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Hole Cards

If you’re just starting out in the world of poker, you will come across several words and terms as you learn the game. These words are specific to the game and you must be well acquainted with them before you dive deeper into the game. To help you get equipped with such terms, we, at [&...

Poker Dictionary - According To Hoyle Poker Learning

05 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – According To Hoyle

There are zillions of poker terms out there and players from this industry use it just like any other language. While there are several words that have two different meanings, some poker terms are very specific to the game and industry. Today, in our poker dictionary segment, we will be...

Poker Dictionary - Ace-In-Hole Poker Learning

04 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Ace-In-Hole

The world of poker is full of poker-specific terms and technical jargon that may be a little difficult to understand at times. There are names given to particular cards, a group of cards, strategies and more. Not knowing these words can sometimes leave you confused! But, that shouldn’t ...

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