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Category: IPC 20L Freeroll

IPC 20L Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Navaneeth Anantharaman Ships The IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

The curtains were finally drawn on what has been a spectacular IPC Megastacks May 2022, here at Casino Vegas in Jhapa, Nepal with the conclusion of the final tournament, the ₹20 Lakh IPC Freeroll. Navaneeth Anantharaman grabbed the title and prize money worth ₹2,50,000. The last two sta...

IPC 20L Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Sameer Takes 2nd Place

On Level 10, Sameer Rattonsey on a short stack locked horns with Navaneeth Anantharaman. IPC Director and two-IPC champion, Rattonsey went all-in with K 9 (165,000) and his rival matched. The community cards fell J 3 5 8 9. Anantharaman hit J-pair on the flop and took down the pot while...

IPC 20L Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Deal Initiated In IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

In the India Poker Championship 20 Lakh Freeroll, the two players Sameer Rattonsey and Navaneeth Anantaraman opted for a deal led by Anantaraman. Each of them walks away with ₹2.5 Lakh. They are now playing to win an additional ₹35,000.  Manthra KoliyerManthra Koliyer is a writer at Gut...

IPC 20L Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Shashank Shown The Door At The Third Spot

With the freeroll field condensed down, the battle kept getting intense. Navaneeth Anantharaman shoved all-in and was called 91,000 by Shashank Murarka. The board showed K 7 4 9 8, and Anantharaman flipped K 9 to win with two pairs (KK, 99). Murarka showed Q 8 to bust out at the third s...

IPC 20L Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Sameer Delivers A Double Bust

On Level 17, Deepanjali Anand jammed 42,000 into the pot with A 2 and was called by Russian player Dzianis with 9 6, and Sameer Rattonsey who had A T. This community cards fell out 3 T A J 5 and Rattonsey won the pot after he flopped two pairs on the board (AA, TT). […]

IPC 20L Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Two More Down

Kunal Yadav shoved all-in preflop and was called by Paawan Bansal, who made an all-in call, and Shashank Murarka called. The board showed J Q 2 J 2. Yadav showed 8 8, Bansal flipped 8 8, and Murarka showed K K to win the pot and bust Yadav and Bansal at the 9th and 8th […]

IPC 20L Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Rishab Busts In 10th Place

On Level 15, Rishab Dalmia went preflop all-in for 75,000 and Navaneeth Anantharaman called the shove with A 9. The board opened with 7 2 5 7 A and delivered two pairs (AA, 77) to Anantharaman on the river. This mean that Dalmia busted in the 10th spot with a payout of ₹30,000.  Anantha...

IPC 20L Freeroll

23 May, 2022 IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll In The Money Players Chip Counts

The top 10 players will be getting paid in the 20 Lakh Freeroll. Shashank Murarka is leading with a chip stack of 205,000. He is followed by Rishab Dalmia who has a lakh lesser chips but still holds the second largest stack of 105,000. Here are the chip counts of the players with the to...

IPC 20L Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Money Bubble Bursted; Saransh Bubbles At 11th

Just before the ITM started at the 10th place, Saransh Garg busted at the 11th spot, becoming the bubble boy at the tournament. Garg shoved all-in with 33,000 chips and Shashank Murarka called. Garg showed Q 9, and Murarka flipped 9 9. The board showed 7 6 2 2 7, and Murarka busted Garg...

IPC 20L Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Raju Busted

At Level 10, Preflop action saw J Raju going all-in with Q 7 (14,800) and his rival Navneet called. The board cards read 6 K 8 A 2. Navneet hit two pairs on the flop with his K 8 and showed Raju the door in the process.  Raju: Q 7 Navneet: K 8 Board: 6 […]

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