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Category: IPC 100K High Roller

IPC 100K High Roller

21 May, 2022 Alok Birewar Wins The 100K High Roller

The 100K High Roller at India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacsk May 2022 has finally come to an end with chip leader Alok Birewar clinching the title for ₹40,71,000. Both players shoved all-in and Birewar flipped a Q J, and Arsh Grover showed suited connectors (T, 9). The board opened...

IPC 100K High Roller

21 May, 2022 All You Need To Know About IPC 100K High Roller Heads Up

The third bust out in the much-awaited India Poker Championship was Faiz Alam. Post that, Arsh Grover and Alok Birewar will play a heads-up with the following chips: Alok Birewar: 2.51 Crore (approx 63 BB) Arsh Grover: 74.50 Lakh (approx 19 BB) After a 10-minute conversation, chip leade...

IPC 100K High Roller

21 May, 2022 Faiz Alam Eliminated; Bags ₹16,72,400 At Third Spot

Alok Birewar shoved all-in and Faiz Alam made an all-in call with his remaining stack of 50,00.000 chips. Alam revealed a A K and Birewar showed A T. Alam was leading on the board of 3 J 6 6. However, the T on the river gave Birewar two pairs (TT, 66) against Alam’s 6-pair on [&he...

IPC 100K High Roller

21 May, 2022 Siddhanth Kapoor Busts At The 4th Spot

After busting out fellow poker player and buddy Nikita Luther, Siddhanth Kapoor has made his way out of the FT, at the fourth spot. Alok Birewar bet 2 BB and Siddhanth Kapoor shoved all-in with his 8 BB.The board of 8 Q 7 8 T favoured Birewar as he got two pairs and Kapoor was […]

IPC 100K High Roller

21 May, 2022 Nikita Luther Gracefully Leaves At The 5th Spot

India’s only female WSOP bracelet winner and Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther has busted from the 100K High Roller FT. Her buddy Siddhant Kapoor called the all-in bet and showed pocket sevens. Luther displayed A 6. The board revealed T 2 Q T 3. Kapoor won the hand with a 7-pair, an...

IPC 100K High Roller

21 May, 2022 Stormy Action Inside And Outside Casino Vegas

The final table of the India Poker Championship 100K High Roller is going on and we already have two bust outs. Abhinav Iyer exited in the eighth position, who followed Bollywood start and Bigg Boss fame Aly Goni. While the intense action was going on inside, one of the side doors next ...

IPC 100K High Roller

21 May, 2022 Anuj Yadav Exits At 6th Spot

Short-stacked at the beginning of the FT, Anuj Yadav shoved all-in with pocket sixes. Alok Birewar called from the UTG and the board displayed A 9 7 A Q, and Birewar showed pocket tens. The young pro busted at the sixth spot taking home ₹6,51,200 in prize money. Having started the FT wi...

IPC 100K High Roller

21 May, 2022 Aly Out At 7th

In order to apply pressure, the chip leader Alok Birewar shoved all in and Aly Goni with a short stack decided to call it before it was too late. Birewar showed 8 3, and Goni flipped K 7. The board ran 2 A 9 2 8. The flop and turn kept Goni in the lead, […]

IPC 100K High Roller

21 May, 2022 In Conversation With IPC 25k Kick-Off Winner!

Gutshot caught up with IPC 25k Kick-Off winner Mahesh Shyamsundar to ask him a little bit about himself and of course, his journey through the Kick-Off victory. It’s his international live poker debut and he managed to cash big in his first appearance itself. Here’s what he ...

IPC 100K High Roller

21 May, 2022 Abhinav The First Casualty On The FT

WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer shoved all-in pre flop. Faiz Alam called the bet from the small blind. Iyer flipped 6 6, and Alam showed A K. The flop opened to 3 9 9, and Alam flopped a flush draw. The turn of 4 completed his draw, and the river of 7 disappointed Iyer, as […]

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