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Category: DPT Superstack July

DPT Superstack July

18 Jul, 2023 Harsh Dev Jhirmiria Busted

Poker player and streamer Harsh Dev Jhirmiria was busted from the DPT July 2023 Superstack Warm-up event after he attempted a bluff. He posted an Instagram story wherein he wrote, “Don’t 4bet bluff jam. Onto PLO 4 Big Bounty.”  Amarylisa GonsalvesAmarylisa Gonsalves is...

DPT Superstack July

18 Jul, 2023 PSL Founder And CEO Pranav Bagai Eliminated

The founder and CEO of Poker Sports League (PSL), Pranav Bagai, has been eliminated just before the end of registrations. Anmol Narang opened 2.5x only to be faced by a 10 BB all-in from Bagai. Anmol called and flipped AJ, while Bagai showed pocket sixes. The board brought K Q 9 4 3.  P...

DPT Superstack July

18 Jul, 2023 Harsh Dev Jhirmiria Making The Most Of His Second Bullet

Vinay B opened to 2.2K from UTG preflop and Harsh Dev Jhirmiria flat called from small blind. The flop brought in Q 8 T. Here Vinay B c-bet and was called by Harsh Dev to see the 9 on the turn.  After both the players check on the turn, the river reveals a 4. Vinay […]

DPT Superstack July

18 Jul, 2023 Chip Count At First Break

The first event at DPT July 2023, the Superstack Warm-up, has recorded 170 players by the first break. Level 4 has concluded and the registrations are still open. The registrations end at the start of Level 9. Players are out on their first break for the day and here are the top 10 stac...

DPT Superstack July

18 Jul, 2023 Rising Stars Marking Their Attendance

There are several emerging players in the field, including streamers and online regs like Harsh Dev Jhirmiria, Anirudha Joshi and Devrat Singh.  Amarylisa GonsalvesAmarylisa Gonsalves is a Content Writer at Gutshot Magazine. Advancing from a marketing background, she found her calling i...

DPT Superstack July

18 Jul, 2023 Notables In The Field

The Superstack Warm-up event at DPT July 2023 has kick-started with over 55 players taking their seats. Some of the early birds in the field include some notable names like Adda52 Game Ambassadors Maria Kirloskar and Ram Kakkar, Shobhit B, Prajit Ghambir and others.   Amarylisa Gon...

DPT July 2023 Kick-Starts With Superstack Warm Up DPT Superstack July

18 Jul, 2023 DPT July 2023 Kick-Starts With Superstack Warm Up

The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) July 2023 edition is all set to kick-start today with the Superstack Warm Up event at 1 PM aboard the luxurious Deltin Royale Casino in Goa. The series, which has a sparkling line-up of 12 events on the schedule, will continue to set the Adda52 Live Pok...

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