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Author: Radhika Shankar

The Balancing Act

05 Apr, 2021 The Balancing Act

It took me half my life to figure this one out. The insanely passionate person I am, I would find myself diving into all kinds of things with all my heart! Whether it was music or advertising, or even simple things like baking cookies on a boring day… if I’m going to do some...

The Curse Is Over!

19 Mar, 2021 The Curse Is Over!

FINALLY!!! It was getting on my nerves. Day in and day out, the same tournaments, the same ids, the same sites… The same old online grind! As though social distancing and the lockdown hadn’t been tough enough, having to sit alone at a computer for hours on end was really getting u...

The 'Sex' Component Of Poker

08 Mar, 2021 The ‘Sex’ Component Of Poker

Hahaha, that was just to lure you into reading my very first article as a guest writer at Gutshot! But jokes apart, this piece is indeed about sex and poker, of course. The world thinks of poker as mostly a man’s game. Flashes of Texan cowboys, images of beer-drinking-Sunday-poker...

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