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Live Updates: APT Hanoi Billions 2023 - Main Event
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Author: Dwayne Fernandes

APT Hanoi Billions 2023: Super High Roller - Abhinav Iyer

03 Dec, 2023 APT SHR: Abhinav Iyer Among 30 Survivors to Day 2

It’s not for nothing that Abhinav Iyer is considered as one of the best tournament poker players in the country. He was struggling with a lower stack few hours before the close of play but he made a fair recovery to take 1,595,000 chips to Day 2 of the APT Super High Roller. The t...

02 Dec, 2023 SHR Day 1: Big, Big Lead For Lee

With over $1.5 million in lifetime live tournament cashes, Hong Kong’s Hon Cheong Lee is taking a massive, massive chip lead. He’s absolutely destroying everyone who comes in his way and has chipped up to 3.4 million in chips. No one is even close to his stack as of now, mos...

02 Dec, 2023 130+ Entries; More Indians Enter the Super High Roller

The entries keep coming in the APT Super High Roller, now officially at 133 entries, as we enter Level 8 of the tournament. Remember, late registration is open until the end of Level 10, which means just about 1:25 hours to go if you want to grab a seat into this VND 120,000,000 buy-in ...

02 Dec, 2023 Vishal Ojha Keeps Chipping Up

One of our Indian players in the mix, Vishal Ojha, continues to chip up in the APT Super High Roller, after he recently won a pot from Jason Wong, the former defending his big blind in Level 5 of the tournament. At the break, Ojha had a little over 500k in chips but after this […]

02 Dec, 2023 Vishal Ojha 2x Stack At The First Break

As per the APT Super High Roller tournament structure, the first break was scheduled after 4 levels of 40 minutes each. When we last checked, we had three Indians in the field including Abhinav Iyer, Gaurav Sood, and Vishal Ojha. Ojha took to his social media to let us know that he̵...

APT Hanoi Billions 2023: It's The Super High Roller!

02 Dec, 2023 APT Hanoi Billions 2023: It’s The Super High Roller!

Welcome to Gutshot Magazine’s coverage of the APT Hanoi Billions 2023 and in particular, we’re talking about Event #10: APT Super High Roller – 8 Max, which is a 2-day event. You’ll always find the cream of the crop participating in these high buy-in events, both...

28% GST on Online Sites? Try These 5 Asian Live Poker Tours

17 Oct, 2023 28% GST On Online Sites? Try These 5 Asian Live Poker Tours

Everyone’s been a bit upset about the new taxation policies in India, which includes 28% GST on all deposits to online poker and other real-money gaming platforms in the country. Professional poker players already have unfavourable tax policies in India and now, the situation seem...

List of All Phil Hellmuth's WSOP Bracelets

02 Jul, 2023 List Of All Phil Hellmuth’s WSOP Bracelets

We often discuss and debate about who is the best poker tournament player of all-time?! And to come to a conclusion, we discuss criteria like titles, tournament winnings, competition played against, duration of being at the top, and much more. But if we go only as per the list of World ...

See How Myntra Head of Growth Deepak Krishnan Likened Poker to Startups

02 Feb, 2023 See How Myntra Head Of Growth Deepak Krishnan Likened Poker To Startups

We’ve often heard about professional poker players drawing similarities between poker and other walks of life. In both life and poker, there are risks involved; and in both you can win or lose. In poker and trading, you’d only invest a particular amount held in hand, based o...

Watch Alexandra Botez Celebrate 1M Subscribers on YouTube

26 Jan, 2023 Watch Alexandra Botez Celebrate 1M Subscribers On YouTube

We were running through our newsfeed a couple of days ago and saw that the ‘BotezLive‘ channel on YouTube had recently breached the 1-Million subscribers mark. Now for all you content creators out there reading this article, you’ll know that massive efforts are needed ...

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