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Author: Ananya Agarwalla

26 Jul, 2021 Left Poker-Faced By AI!

Now if a computer that has learned to play only from past data constantly wins and lacks the same capacity that humans do, it shows that the realm of poker goes way beyond the idea of luck.  It was in July 2019, that a piece of news spread like wildfire across the poker community all [&...

22 Jul, 2021 Unheard Stories: Kanchan Sharma, Top Indian MTT Player, Gets Real With Us

To allow for a more nuanced perspective of Indian poker professionals, the Unheard series asks intimate questions about a players journey, who they are, what their ambitions are and how they made it! This time we got in touch with Agra based MTT crusher, Kanchan Sharma, a woman who is r...

06 Jul, 2021 The Covid-19 Survival Game

2020 – 21 would probably go down in history as the year that totally changed one’s perspective of life. Many have tried to ameliorate their lives by finding ways to cope with the pain – whether it be forms of social interaction or mental and physical engagement. These years of tur...

22 Jun, 2021 Calculating Outs In Poker: An Overview For Beginners

Outs in poker is very important to calculate to making betting decisions. With only 52 cards in the deck you can easily calculate which cards you need to make your hand – all the cards that are unseen but when drawn will improve your hand are your outs. Counting Your Outs The cards that...

19 Jun, 2021 Unheard Stories: A Candid Account Of Bobbe Suri’s Journey, Poker Triumphs And More

Unheard Stories dives deep into the lives of poker players from the Indian poker circuit. This series brings to light the lesser known facts of these poker players. This time we got in touch with Bobbe Suri to get a glimpse into his life and hear captivating stories of his journey as a ...

31 May, 2021 6 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Professional Poker Player

‘A hard way to make an easy living’. It’s important to understand what you are getting into before committing your life to an occupation. Poker has its upsides and downfalls and thus it’s vital to make an informed decision. It is a demanding profession that is not suited for every...


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