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Author: Aditya Sarkar

Stealing The Pot In PLO 6

08 Jan, 2023 Building A Winning Mindset In PLO

Take this Hold’em example, you have a pair of 5s in the big blind. Hijack open 2X big blinds (BB). Button flats and you complete. Obviously, a pair is an obvious call there, decent price and the very disguised nature of a pair of 5s is reason enough to call, primarily to win a huge [&he...

Approaching PLO 5- A Beginner’s Guide By Aditya Sarkar

01 Jan, 2023 Cashing In On Your Image In PLO Cash Tables

Players often are very unmindful of the image they most likely have on a crucial day while playing Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) 5. For example, you just lost a big pot and next hand, you flopped a big hand, middle set with nut flush redraw in a three-way pot. You are in the middle position. In...

Stealing The Pot In PLO 6

20 Nov, 2022 PLO 6: Stack Size Considerations And Multiway Action

 Your stack size at any given spot during the hand in turn might determine how you play pre-flop and post-flop. The deeper stacked you are, more important is the post flop play. Typically, a smaller stack size gives you less wiggle room to make post flop laydowns whereas a deep stack al...

Playing non-nutted holdings in PLO 6

09 Oct, 2022 PLO 6: Most Profitable Spots And Maximizing Them

When you start looking back at your hands, you will realize that certain situations make you way more money, than others. Most players would look at PLO 6 like a high risk game. Sure, the variance is high, but if you can play a good strategy, you will see that it is possible to make [&h...

Playing non-nutted holdings in PLO 6

28 Aug, 2022 Adding Equity To Mediocre Hands You Play Post Flop

In multi-way action, it is prudent to stick to top percentile hands from UTG post-flop. If you wish to play mediocre hands, you need to consider a few things. When do you choose to play mediocre hands Opposition type – is he loose / tight / passive? How deep is he? How deep are yo...

Playing non-nutted holdings in PLO 6

21 Aug, 2022 Playing Non-Nutted Holdings In PLO 6  

You cannot always play top quartile hands. You need to play non nutted hands. If you know you have a certain edge over your opponent’s gameplay, you can choose to play a wider range of hands. I would like to call them non-nutted, middling hands. By the end of the river card being ...

Storytelling In PLO! What’s That?

14 Aug, 2022 Storytelling In PLO! What’s That?

Bets tell a story. In any game of Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO). Betting gives you information and conveys information to opponents. First tip, be aware of the story you are telling or can be telling because that can give you an edge in the game. When you are betting, you can be telling multipl...

Choosing Your Act Wisely In PLO 5- VVIP Segmentation By Aditya Sarkar

30 Sep, 2021 Good Wraps VS Not So Good Wraps- PLO 5 Tips By Aditya Sarkar

What are wraps?  A wrap is a hand when you have a straight draw with 9 or more outs. Wraps are good hands to have, usually given you good equity, but not all wraps are equal. Wrap outs can range from 9 to 20. While it is obvious that a 20 outer wrap cannot have all […]

Choosing Your Act Wisely In PLO 5- VVIP Segmentation By Aditya Sarkar

25 Sep, 2021 PLO 5- How Committed Are You To The Pot? Stack To Pot Ratio By Aditya Sarkar

How playable your hand is and the associated decision making is very much dependent on your stack. The size of your stack (and your opponent’s) in turn depends on how you play post-flop. The deeper stacked you are, the more careful you must be with your preflop raises – post-flop ...

Choosing Your Act Wisely In PLO 5- VVIP Segmentation By Aditya Sarkar

21 Sep, 2021 Choosing Your Action Wisely In PLO 5- VPIP Segmentation By Aditya Sarkar

I think every PLO cash game player’s goal is to make money. I think it is safe to assume that. Sure, some people play because they love to, but a way to see how good they are is how much bankroll they build through poker. Selecting your action carefully is essential to be a profitable [...

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