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Posted on 01 Sep, 2019
By Gutshot
On 01 Sep, 2019
By Gutshot
On 01 Sep, 2019

Asian Poker Tour partners with Korean Mind Game Member

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) stages poker events in the Asia-Pacific region and they recently announced an agreement with Korean Mind Game Member (KMGM), a South Korean company that operates poker rooms. APT is held in plenty of nations like Philippines, Macau, Vietnam, Korea and others, with a packed schedule through the year.

With this latest partnership, KMGM will provide the Korean players a chance to take part in the events conducted by APT. The upcoming series, APT Philippines 2019 is about to take place in September, followed by other major APT events like APT Taiwan 2019 (October 9-20), APT Vietnam 2019 (November 6-17) and APT Finale Taiwan 2019 (November 28 – December 9).

Lee Seok Young, CEO of KMGM states that poker is an exciting game that is considered a mind sport because of the skill it requires to play. Poker tournaments in the United States have been around for 50+ years and is the second most popular sport after football.

Due to its popularity, poker tournaments are also broadcasted on TV and in most countries around the world, it is recognized as a legitimate sport. KMGM was created to bring that same mentality to Korea and to broaden the skills of the Korean players by qualifying to international events such as the APT.

In the coming years, one can notice thousands of international poker players to compete with Koreans. Leo Seok Young won his first international poker title in this year’s APT Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh held at Pro Poker Club, Vietnam from July 3 to 14, 2019.

The CEO says, “In recent years, the number of legally held poker tournaments in Taiwan and Vietnam is increasing, and the possibility of holding international tournaments in Korea is growing in view of the increase in the domestic poker population.”

This opportunity will help people, especially Koreans, to continue to participate in APT Events and hopefully even get more titles. Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com to remain updated on the Asian and global poker industry.

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