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WPT Main Event
Posted on 15 Apr, 2023
By admin
On 15 Apr, 2023
By admin
On 15 Apr, 2023

Ashish Ahuja Flushes Out Harsha Reddy

LEVEL: 5, BLINDS: 300/500, ANTE 500

It was an interesting hand wherein a flush of hearts went on against flush hearts. Ashish Ahuja with a stack of 26K in the big blind, went heads-on with Harsha Reddy with 21K chips, who also went all-in. Ahuja held AT of hearts, while Redyy flipped K7 of hearts. 

The board of J   6   8 ♠ 8   9 gave both players a flush. However, Ahuja’s Ace gave him a higher flush. Reddy had to exit the table with a broken heart.

Ahuja played both the previous days of Main Event, but was unable to qualify. We hope to see him sail through the last flight today. 

  • Ahuja: A   T 
  • Reddy: K   7 
  • Board: J   6   8 ♠ 8   9  


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