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Posted on 05 Nov, 2018
By GS Admin
On 05 Nov, 2018
By GS Admin
On 05 Nov, 2018

Alok Ranjan is Adda52’s new Godfather!

Indian poker players are very attracted to high-value online poker tournaments, or tournaments that offer slightly more than the rest. In the case of the Adda52 Godfather series, players don’t just get to be a part of a large prize pool every Thursday night, but they also get the chance to win an international package trip.

Godfather 5.0 very recently concluded on Adda52, where eight weekly winners battled it out in the Finale SnG yesterday for a chance to win the INR 7 lakh package trip to play at the Aussie Millions. The Finale was initially supposed to take place last Sunday but due to some technical issues, it was postponed to yesterday.

Here, the winners from eight different Godfather tournaments registered to the SnG after INR 87,500 was deducted from each of their winnings earlier. No re-entry, no re-buys, no add-ons. Each player just had one chance and the person to make the most of it all turned out to be Alok Ranjan aka ‘darkmatter’.

The Finale began at 5pm and it just took a couple of hours for our winner to be crowned, wrapping up by 7:11pm. A couple of players who had busted their stacks during the original Finale last Sunday weren’t a part of this tournament so that’s a major reason for the tournament not lasting too long.

For Ranjan, this would’ve been one of the best days of his life, given that he beat many top names to win the INR 7 lakh package trip to Australia. Also a part of the Finale were Chiraag Patel aka ‘vipervenom’, Abhinav Iyer aka ‘checkshove’, Neel Joshi aka ‘neeljoshi23’, Sanjay Gupta aka ‘Sanjayguptalko’ and others.

Gutshot had a word with Ranjan after the victory. He said, “The SnG for me was full of ups and downs. Initially, I was reduced to a short stack when my AK went up against AA but then managed to claw back through aggressive plays and running big bluffs because this tournament was the epitome of the popular saying ‘if it’s not first, then it’s last’. However, with the last 3 remaining, there was 1 short stack good player and 1 recreational. I went into my shell for a bit and started playing tight hoping that the Pro would bust and I would beat the rec heads-up. Then, both the rec and the pro doubled up through me and I became the short stack. I then realized that it was my mistake playing tight and letting them back in the game. I should have kept the pressure on. After I became the short stack, I had no option but to play aggressive which I did and clawed back knocking the rec out when my AT held against her KQ. Heads-up went on for about 30 mins with a very good player Abhinav Iyer (checkshove) and the main hand was when my AT beat his 44 preflop allin. The very next hand hand with just a few chips left, he called off my all-in with A8 against my 66 and couldn’t get there.”

Talking about his future in the game of poker, he said, “I had already planned on playing more live in 2019 and to be able to win the Aussie Millions package is the perfect prop to get started. I am very excited for the trip and I am in the process of planning and practicing playing live before the big series gets underway.”

After a few good cashes online, Ranjan will now be preparing for his trip to Australia where the 2019 Aussie Millions will take place in January. Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more updates on similar Indian poker tournaments.

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Don’t have an account on Adda52 as yet? You can join their platform and be one of the big winners of the Adda52 featured tournaments, or any of their other top tournaments. To do so, sign-up HERE.


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