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Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 05 Feb, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 05 Feb, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 05 Feb, 2021

Adda52: ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ campaign to be a game-changer?

‘Life Ko Ace Karo,’ is the new campaign that Adda52, a leading online poker platform will be launching soon. This campaign is quite different from the usual ones as this poker platform has roped in Bollywood celebrities Ali Fazal and Badshah for the video. There will be a face-off between Fazal and Badshah wherein the former will try to rap and the latter will try to act.

To know more about the much-awaited campaign, Gutshot had a chat with Mr. Krishnendu Guha, Chief Marketing Officer, Adda52. With two decades of extensive experience and outstanding knowledge in the digital space, Guha specializes in product marketing with a focus on above the line and below the line marketing verticals. 

Excerpts from the interview:

What was the idea behind getting two people from the entertainment industry for this campaign?

Mr. Guha:  According to the concept, we wanted to involve two big celebrities from the entertainment industry. So, we decided to create a tongue-in-cheek video that is on a lighter side and entertaining too. 

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Could you brief a little about the ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ campaign?

Mr. Guha: There’s a myth about poker, and it is still considered a game of chance, or a game of luck, but not a game of skill. It is a social stigma that we are fighting, and this campaign is focused on that.

Further, we are trying to bust the myth and making people aware that poker helps you improve your life skills. It can help you tackle situations, which are very difficult, and help you to take real-life decisions very quickly, in very less time. Poker also helps you sharpen your mind and be a better thinker. Since it’s a mind game, taking split-second decisions, or controlling your decisions at the right time, is highly involved in a lot of mind games like poker. So that’s how this concept started.

We also did one campaign with Chris Gayle a couple of years ago, which was “Dimag Ko Bannao Aamir.” These campaigns convey that you can ace your life by improving your life skills. That is the message we wish to convey.

How does value addition reflect in the campaign’s ROI when Bollywood celebrities are roped in?

Mr. Guha: In the real money gaming industry and especially when it comes to investing money, a lot of trust is required from a user perspective. There are a lot of companies who opened up and then in two to three months or even a year, they shut off because they cannot survive. We want to ensure that our platform, Adda52 is strong, stable, and secure, because this is a platform where your money is not lost.

 There’s a trust factor which we are trying to build. We want to ensure that the trust still remains with the users and that’s why we need to have some known faces from the industry which people can relate to. If we are not creating that trust, it becomes very difficult because we have to fight the social stigma and also fight the trust part.

The trust part is covered when people see celebrities like Badshah and Ali Fazal associating themselves with a brand like ours.

What is your strategy of increasing sign-ups and user engagement on Adda 52 via the ‘Life ko Ace Karo’ campaign?

Mr. Guha: This campaign is kind of a challenge, which is being done between these two celebrities. It will create a lot of engagement because of the challenging part. The type of campaign that we’re doing has Badshah and Ali Fazal in a kind of avatar that nobody has seen before.

In the next five years, where do you see the online poker industry going? Are you expecting a shift in the way the game is currently looked at?

Mr. Guha: We started in 2011, and since then we have only seen growth. The social stigma was very strong at that point of time. If I were to ask someone in 2010, about playing poker as a career? You would probably laugh at me. But at this point of time, so many people are taking up poker as a professional game. People like Muskan Sethi who have won the Presidential Award, stalwarts like Nikita Luther are adding up to the piece of glory. Wherever there’s glory or excitement, the game automatically grows.

In the next five years, I only see the industry of poker growing. Experts are expecting this entire online gaming industry to grow to at least a 250 million USD market.

Through this campaign or campaigns in the future are we seeing Adda52 as one of the biggest contributors to the way the mindset will be changed?

Yeah, absolutely, this is probably what we started with. It is very important at this stage to raise awareness. It’s very important to ensure that more and more people know about poker, and more people start playing poker. That’s how you can build an environment where the game has overall growth. Because right now, the category is very small, if compared to esports, or fantasy sports. Poker has a market share but it is very niche and mainly because not everybody knows how to play the game.

So, the objective is to take it from a niche category to a mass category where most people actually start playing poker. And for that, such campaigns are the first step. We are also doing a web series with TVF through which we will try to communicate myth-busting exercises, focusing on poker as a game of skill and more. We are eagerly waiting for the ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ campaign to launch and hope that Adda52 succeeds in taking the message about poker as a life skill ahead. 

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