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Adda52 Big Millions FT: Live Updates Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 12 Nov, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 12 Nov, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 12 Nov, 2022

Adda52 Big Millions FT: Live Updates

16:30: Raghav Bansal Is The Adda52 Big Millions Champion!

Veteran Raghav Bansal was seen using his years of experience at the final table today to chip up and eventually claimed the coveted title. He started on the FT with the second-lowest stack of 2,594,284 chips. However, he managed to build his stack and dominated the table for a major chunk time today. Bansal has previously shipped the Main Event of inaugural season of DPT 2016. The pro takes home ₹31,63,652 as the top prize along with the coveted Adda52 Big Millions trophy. 

Final Table Payouts:

  • Raghav Bansal – ₹31,63,652
  • Debapriya Manna – ₹22,72,880
  • Archit Dhadwal – ₹16,34,220
  • Anuj Yadav – ₹11,75,018
  • Chandan Arora – ₹8,44,846
  • Varunn Gaala – ₹6,07,452
  • P.V.V.N Swami – ₹4,36,762
  • Armaan Kochhar – ₹3, 14,036

16: 45: Debapriya Manna is the runner-up

Debapriya Manna shoved his stack of 8.9M all-in from the button after Raghav Bansal bet 1.3M on seeing the 5 T 6 9 . Bansal who had J T called against Manna’s A 9 . The river of 5 eliminated Manna as Bansal took down the title. 

Manna admitted that this was the first time he came to Goa and his time visiting a casino. 

  • Manna: A 9
  • Bansal: J T  
  • Board: 5 T 6 9 5

16:15: Archit Dhadwal takes the third spot

In an interesting three-way all-in hand, Archit Dhawal found himself in the weakest spot and had to walk away at the third spot. Dhadwal with 3 2 , Raghav Bansal had Q 7 , and Debapriya Manna had K Q . Manna took done the pot on the board of J 5 5 8 9 . Dhadwal cashed ₹16,34,220 for his second runner-up spot.

  • Dhadwal: 3 2
  • Manna: K Q
  • Bansal: Q 7
  • Board: J 5 5 8 9

15:45 Anuj Yadav Elimiated at the fourth place

Anuj Yadav was left with just one BB and was forced to put it all-in at the big blind spot. Yadav was dealt 5 2 , and chip leader Raghav Bansal called with 4 6 . The board of 8 6 Q 6 Q did not favour Yadav and he walked away at the fourth place for ₹11,75,018.

  • Yadav: 5 2
  • Bansal: 4 6
  • Board: 8 6 Q 6 Q

15: 35: Raghav Bansal chipping up

Raghav Bansal

Raghav Bansal is chipping up like a boss. After scoring two consecutive bustouts, the former DPT Main Event winner has built an enviable fortress for himself on the FT.

15:30: Chandan Arora busted at the fifth place

Chandan Arora

Raghav Bansal opened from the button to 900k. Chandan Arora had to put all-in from the big blind with 250K. Arora flipped K 7 , and Bansal showed A J . Bansal flopped a pair of jacks on the board of J 2 6 3 4 , sending Arora away at the fifth place for ₹8,44,846.

  • Arora: K 7
  • Bansal: A J
  • Board: J 2 6 3 4

15:15: Varunn Gaala Eliminated at the sixth place

Varunn Gaala

Varunn Gaala shoved all-in after Raghav Bansal bet 11.5M the board of 5 3 8 A . Bansal with his huge stack called. In a classic AJ vs AK battle, Gaala succumbed on the river of 2 . The 25K NL Bounty winner who was on a quest for his second title this edition had to walk away at the sixth place for ₹6,07,452.

15:00: Archit Dhadwal doubles up

Anuj Yadav shoved all-in with 1.4 M from the cut-off with sailboats. Archit Dhadhwal made an all-in call with 770K holding A T . The board 8 2 2 8 2 . Dhadwal doubled up with around seven blinds, while Yadav lost a considerable stack.

  • Yadav: 4 4
  • Dhadwal: A T
  • Board: 8 2 2 8 2

14:30: P.V.V.N Swami Eliminated at the seventh spot

The action folded to Raghav Bansal in the small blind, who tanked for a while before punching his 7.3 M all-in. P.V.V.N Swami took no time to call with his 1.5 M. Bansal showed 9 8 , while Swami showed queens. The board flipped 7 6 8 8 K , and Raghav hit trips to send Swami away at the seventh position for ₹4,36,762.

  • Bansal: 9 8
  • Swami: Q Q
  • Board: 7 6 8 8 K

14:00: Armaan Kochhar takes the eight spot

Armaan Kochhar was unable to make it to play the final table of the Adda52 Millions in Goa. He will be given the eighth spot with a prize of ₹3,14,036. 

13:45: Final Table Payouts

Have a look at the final table payouts:

  • 1st – ₹31,63,652
  • 2nd – ₹22,72,880
  • 3rd – ₹16,34,220
  • 4th – ₹11,75,018
  • 5th – ₹8,44,846
  • 6th – ₹6,07,452
  • 7th – ₹4,36,762
  • 8th – ₹3, 14,036

13:15: Where’s Armaan Kochhar?

Armaan Kochhar

Armaan Kochhar

The game is underway but seat 6 looks empty. Regular grinder Armaan Kochhar is missing from the FT, looks like the pro couldn’t make it to Goa to play the final table. 

13:00: Shuffle up and deal

The top eight have taken their respective seats, and cards are in the air for the final table of the ₹2 Crore GTD Adda52 Big Millions.

Welcome to the live coverage of Adda52 Big Millions final table. The event which was paused on Sunday,  6th November 2022, after the final table of the top nine was set on the virtual felts of Adda52. Hosted between 3rd to 6th November 2022, the Adda52 Big Millions featured six starting flights attracting a total of 1,973 entries. The top 197 places finished in the money and took home a min-cash of ₹37,414. The event had a buy-in of ₹11,000, and generated a prize pool of ₹2 Crore. A total of 225 players qualified for Day 2 of which only the top nine have reached the final table.

Adda52 Big Millions FT includes:

  1. Varunn Gaala – 5,575,108 chips
  2. Aarchit Dhadwal – 5,278, 732 chips
  3. Anuj Yadav – 4,050,083 chips
  4. Debapriya Manna – 3,034,564 chips
  5. P.V.V. N Swami– 3,017,116 chips
  6. Armaan Kochhar – 2,693,061 chips
  7. Raghav Bansal – 2,594,284 chips
  8. Chandan Arora – 2,079,386 chips

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Of these, Varunn Gaala has already kick-starter his DPT journey with a bang after beating an entry field of 343 entries to clinch the 25K NL Bounty event a couple of days ago. The final tablists have ensured themselves a min-paycheque of ₹2,25,794. The ultimate winner will grab a lion’s share of ₹31,63,652.

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