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7 Poker Mistakes You Should Avoid At Any Costs Poker
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 07 Dec, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 07 Dec, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 07 Dec, 2021

7 Poker Mistakes You Should Avoid At Any Costs

Poker is an incredibly challenging game. With several variations of the poker game played across the globe,  there is a scope to getting things wrong on the player’s end. As a poker player, one must ensure that on their way to becoming a successful player, keep the mistakes to the minimum. Here are seven mistakes in poker that you must avoid at all times. 

Overvaluing A Particular Hand

Understanding the value of your hand is very important in poker. Valuing your poker hand is not an easy task. If a player starts to over-bet their average hand, they will be in a situation where their value bets will be called too often and players won’t have sufficient ways to bluff and balance their range. 

Same Strategy, Different Hand

If a player always grinds in a similar fashion when they get a particular hand, the chances of their game becoming predictable increase. Players must aim to grind in a manner that is difficult to gauge and get a higher estimation in value

Betting Out Of A Position

In poker, playing out of a position is dangerous. This usually is the time when most players lose and do not end up making correct decisions. When a player is not playing in their position, it means that a player could be at a disadvantageous position. Players must have a plan when they are grinding out of position or if they are checking.

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Not Calculating Outs

Calculating outs in poker is crucial. If you are unsure of how many outs you have to make a hand and therefore what is the value of your hand. A basic thumb rule in Texas Hold’em is that each card that helps you improve your hand gives you 2% equity. Read more in detail about calculating outs in poker here

Betting More Than One Can Afford

 In poker, spending more than what suits your bankroll should be avoided at all times. When you play with more money than you can afford, you are jeopardizing your game.  When you grind with the mindset that you cannot afford to lose the money you have thrown in you can lose the game in all probability. This mainly happens because you would be scared to make aggressive actions even when it is necessary. The fear of losing the money will directly affect your gameplay. 

Not Using The Poker HUD Correctly

Spartan Poker HUD Table

Heads up displays are essential tools that you need to use while playing online poker. This helps in tracking the statistics of your opponents and eventually will give you valuable insights. It is believed that keeping a track of the gameplay especially in online poker is tricky. This is when the HUDs come in handy to see any particular hand’s conclusion. 

Making Predictable Bet Sizes

If a player always bets a certain amount for a particular hand, the opponents would heavily exploit you. For example, if you always bet your draws for a small amount to limit the sum you lose, and then make a massive bet when you have a top pair, your opponents will figure out your strategy.  To avoid this, you need to ensure that your bet sizes are varied in every situation. 

Making mistakes in poker like we have mentioned above could probably be the reason your game is getting affected. If you are an aspiring poker player, then ensure that you do not commit these mistakes in poker games. Mistakes like these will eventually cost you dearly. Hence, make sure your game is on point and free of silly errors. 

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