5 GIFs That Define Different Types of Poker Players

Posted On 29 Dec, 2017 0

It is not easy to categorize Poker players in general. But over the years, there has been a repetition in the patterns of playing by some players. This has created categories that every poker player will more or less fit into and relate to.

Here are 5 GIFS that perfectly define different types of poker players.

The Fish – The one who constantly makes mistakes and blames it on luck

The Rock – The one who bets only on premium cards and does not take any risks

The Rookie – The one who is enthusiastic and intelligent but is often guilty of being naive and lacks experience

The Maniac – The one who will play/raise almost any hand regardless of what cards he has.

The Shark – The craftiest of players and can adjust his game according to the situation.

Do you have any gifs to describe the way you or your poker friends?  Tag them in the comments section and let them know what you think of their game!

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Poker Player

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India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) 12 Jan - 21 Jan INR 11,000
Aussie Millions 2018 17 Jan - 5 Feb AU$ 10,600
APT Kickoff Vietnam 19 Jan - 28 Jan US$ 726
Macau Poker Cup 28 26 Jan - 11 Feb HKD 15,000
The Moneymaker 3.0 26 Jan - 26 Jan INR 11,000